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Hey!  My name is Dexter…you can call me Dex.  This is a site devoted to dogs, dawgs and dog lovers, written by me, a mature yellow lab with lots to say.  For my fellow canines, we’ll have some fun commiserating.  At last we have a forum for our truth to be told.  I invite your comments.  For my human readers, there’ll be some stuff you need to hear that your dog may not have told you.

Oh, and by the way, if you (dog or human) are having a behavior problem with your beloved, shoot me an e-mail to dexter@dextersdesk.com.  I’ll choose some of the thorniest issues and provide advice from the dog’s point of view.  (See my “Keepin’ it real: Advice from Dexter” page.)

If you are a cat, a raccoon or a squirrel, I acknowledge your right to occupy space on this earth, but you’ll get no particular sympathy from me.